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The Mental Maps for the study or the UFO/UAP phenomenon

A useful and innovative tool to effectively study this mysterious phenomenon


- Map 1: The main characteristics of the UFO/UAP phenomenon

- Map 2: The main measurable characteristics in the UFO/UAP phenomenon manifestations

- Map 3: Who or what could be affected if Disclosure broke out abruptly?

- Map 4: The main characteristics of the contacts with what appear as extraterrestrials entities



These mental maps are designed to provide an overview of the main aspects of the phenomenon that goes under the name of UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) or UAP (Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena). They are especially formulated for those who have just approached the phenomenon and want to deepen their knowledge, but also those who already have some knowledge will find them useful.

The maps are structured to answer the most recurrent questions that are formulated by those who begin to know the phenomenon or by those who are intrigued but cannot find a solid point from which to start.

 - The first map is intended to answer the question "What is all about?" and contains a general description of the phenomenon, which makes it easy to understand the sectors concerned and to perceive its wide scope.

 - The second aims to answer the question "Is there anything concrete in this business?" by illustrating the numerous and more typical measurable effects of the phenomenon's manifestations.

 - The third one intends to answer the question "But if they are here, why are they being kept hidden from us or why don't they make themselves publicly known? " listing the sectors of the social organization of the earthly humanity that would be affected by a sudden disclosure of the presence of extraterrestrials on planet Earth.

 - The fourth aims to answer the question "If they are here, why at least don't they do some contact?" illustrating the most typical characteristics of the recorded contacts with those that appear as extraterrestrial entities.

Of course in the UFO/UAP phenomenon there is much more, but these maps represent a valid tool to begin to know and orient oneself in the various aspects of this complex and still mysterious phenomenon.


Paolo Guizzardi - 02 August 2018

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