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The Mental Map number 4:

Main characteristics of contacts with apparent ET entities

Small version of Map no. 4

Like it or not, talking about UFO/UAPs it is not possible to avoid mentioning the 'Close Encounters', or CE.
As Dr. J. A. Hynek, with a great dose of intellectual honesty pointed out: "We come now to the most bizarre and seemlngly incredible aspect of the entire UFO phenomenon. To be frank,I would gladly omit this part if I could without offense to scientific integrity: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, those in which the presence of animated creatures is reported. (I say 'animated' rather than 'animate' to keep open the possibility of robots or something other than 'flesh and blood') ... Unfortunately one may not omit data simply because they may not be to one's liking or in line with one's preconceived notions."

This map intends to list the main characteristics of those that appear as events where there is contact/encounter between Earthlings and entities, somehow connected with the UFO/UAP phenomenon, that appear as of extraterrestrial origin.

The information contained in this map comes from a multitude of different sources, impossible to mention all.

Paolo Guizzardi - Ver 1.01 - 02 August 2018

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