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The Mental Map number 3:

Who or what could be affected if Disclosure broke out unexpectedly?

Small version of Map no. 3

This map intends to list the sectors of the social organization of the earthly humanity that would suffer negative consequences, or even if not necessarily negative, would receive a considerable impact if the presence on Earth of civilizations of non-earthly origin were to become suddenly and publicly known.

Impact levels are considered on the basis of the consequences they would cause:
- disruptive (explosion icon): the sector would be hit the hardest in this case, with a real potential for disintegration;
- highly problematic (flame icon): the sector in question would be severely disrupted, although it would not necessarily risk disintegration;
- revolutionary (pencil icon): the impact would not necessarily risk disrupting the sector, but it would certainly force to review and rewrite the very foundations on which the sector, or sectors, are founded.

The map illustrates the areas of earthly humanity that would be immediately affected by the effect that would result from the sudden disclosure of the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on planet Earth.
Continuing with post-Disclosure then, other areas may be affected in one way or another depending on the decisions that the ETs might take. For instance, if ETs were at some point to give up technology, the impact on the industry concerned would likely become devastating (e.g. what could happen to the energy sector and to the automotive and aeronautical construction sector if power generation and anti-gravity technologies were to be transferred) and highly problematic for other related sectors.

The information contained in this map comes from a multitude of different sources, impossible to mention all. Note: Where there are two icons for a given item, they are exclusive (either one or the other).

Note: In case more icons are listed for a topic, they are meant to be in a logical OR.

Ver. 1.01 - 02 August 2018

From this map one can easily understand how the news of the presence of extraterrestrial beings on Planet Earth possesses a truly devastating potential with respect to the entire terrestrial social organization.
Paolo Guizzardi - Ver 1.01 - 02 August 2018

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