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The Mental Map number 1:

General characteristics of the UFO/UAP phenomenon

Versione piccola della Mappa num.1

This mind map aims to describe, at a general level, what the most typical aspects found in the manifestation of the UFO/UAP phenomenology are, such as:

 - the periods in which the phenomenon was/is observed,
 - the types of sightings and (for close observation, or CE3) their effects on the environment,
 - the main observable characteristics of the phenomenon,
 - the appearance of the phenomenon,
 - the environments in which the phenomenon is observed,
 - the main hypotheses that have been developed to explain the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

The value of this map lies in its ability to provide at a glance an effective overview of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, allowing to understand its complexity and extent in a simple and very intuitive way.

Specific aspects of UFO/UAP phenomonology are described in more detail in the other maps.

The category "Sightings types and (and CE3 effects)" faithfully reflects Prof. Hynek's classification scheme of sightings/encounters with UFO/UAPs.
The category "Main Observable Characteristics" faithfully reflects the cataloguing of observable UFO/UAP characteristics as defined by Louis Elizondo, 2017.
Paolo Guizzardi - Ver 1.01 - 02 August 2018

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